This is what Shubham had to say after taking the course!

"Amazing course on Permaculture Starts at home! So inspiring, flawlessly recorded and thought provoking. After taking the course I felt the immediate urge to do an audit of my consumption patterns and reduce it to bare necessary.

Points on being proud of this sustainable lifestyle and not feel the false social pressure to "catch up" with a particular lifestyle were so relevant."

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Permaculture Starts at Home Curriculum

Meet your Instructor!

Manisha is a permaculture practitioner and teacher from India. She has been practicing permaculture for 10 years at Aanandaa Permaculture Farm.

Manisha is a marketer by education and profession, and has worked in large corporations for over two decades. A desire to grow her own food, and save a piece of nature for her family, drove her to convert a barren piece of land into a lush green forest, now called Aanandaa.

Manisha believes that permaculture is not an alternate life. In fact, a permaculture way of life can be pursued by anyone, irrespective of their profession and location. She likes to share her experience and knowledge with those who are looking for a life in sync with nature and want to live more consciously.

Through her work and her courses, Manisha has inspired hundreds of people to start a permaculture journey of their own, and create a positive impact on their bodies and their environments. With her online courses, this reach and influence is becoming global in it's impact.

What is this course all about?

It is true that Permaculture is often thought of as a science to design edible gardens and farms, but Permaculture is actually a life science. It guides us on how to lead our lives in sync with our habitat. You do not have to grow your own food to be a permaculturist. You can lead a permaculture life starting today, and we show you how!